Glossary of Cheese

Aging - is the process where the cheese sits in a controlled temp./humidity room, and the flavor

develops as the ammonia and CO2 are released in the presence of oxygen.

During this time the moisture content reduces. This can take anywhere from 3

weeks to numberous years.

Artisanal Cheese - Cheeses that are styled for a specific flavor profile, made in smaller batches.


Blooming Rind - edible rind developed by spraying a mold bacterium such as penicillum

candidum. Ex. Brie

Blue- Veined - cheese injected with bacteria that grows within and gives distinct characteristics to

these cheeses. Ex. Gorgonzola, roquefort


Cream -(single,double,triple) - class of cheese identified by butterfat content. Single 50%,

Double 60%, Triple 72-75%. Triple cream cheeses flavor is maximized at room

temperature, not chilled. Ex.triple = St. Andre, double = boursin, single =

cream cheese.


Fresh Cheese - like ricotta, goat chevre, and feta that are not aged very long.

Hard Cheese- pressed cheese aged for at least a year, has reduced moisture. Ex. Reggiano


Pasteurized - cheese made with pasteurized milk, destroying harmful bacteria.

Semi Hard - pressed and aged less than a year. Ex. Jarlsberg

Semi Soft - cheese that has moisture pressed out, can be sliced. Ex. Monterey Jack


Soft Cheese - cheese that has moisture retained or pressed into it. Ex. Ricotta

Surface Ripened (soft) - cheese that ages from the outside in, at full ripeness it is on the verge

of being runny. Ex. Brie

Wash Ripened - is in reference to cheeses that are washed in wines, or ciders that impart flavor

characteristics during the maturation phase. Ex. Port Salut