Crustaceans – Shed their shell in order to grow, and eat it. They are also cannibalistic.


The Maine or New England Lobster is the king of Crustaceans. It is located in the cold waters from

7lb lobster

Maine to Virginia. It has a large crusher claw and a smaller pincher claw.

The lobster can detach its claws during danger, and actually regenerate

them. Lobster can be purchased: live, cooked fresh, cooked frozen,

canned cooked frozen. A lobster with One claw is called a Cull, or if it has

no claws it is called a pistol or a bullet. Rock lobster don't have the

pincher and crusher claw. Cold water lobster are considered better

eating lobster than warm water .

Male lobster has a narrow tail compared to the female.Both male and

female have swimmeret’s. The first pair on the female is soft and feathery.

They also have the Green Tomale which is the liver, and Roe which is the

red line in a female tail.



Chicken Lobster – 1 lb.

Select is 1.25 – 3 lbs.

Jumbo is over 3 lbs.


Uses: boiled, grilled, baked stuffed, casserole, stew, salad, hors d’ouevres etc.



Crayfish – These are 3 – 5 inches in length and live in fresh water.


They have 2 pincher claws. Usually purchased frozen.

Pictured to the left here are cooked crayfish,

" crawdads".


Uses: etouffee, crawfish boil, hors d’ ouevre . salad






Langostino – 6 – 8 inches in length. Salt water similar to lobster.Purchased frozen or cooked.

Uses: same as crayfish or lobster, scampi, salads


Shrimp – Usually purchased frozen (most times in grocery store the shrimp are previously frozen)


Pictured here are head on farm raised shrimp

PDQ – Peeled, deveined and quick frozen Shrimp sizes

are the count per/pound.

The common sizes are:

U – 12 this means fewer than 12 to a pound

16 – 20 to a pound (most common)

21 – 25 to a pound

25 – 30 to a pound

as the number gets higher the shrimp get smaller.



Shrimp Note: The word descriptions mean nothing. Sometimes you see in the grocery flyers

jumbo shrimp $XX per/lb. You go there and are unimpressed by the size of

these Jumbos.

Uses: Scampi, Baked Stuffed, Cocktail, Salad, etc.


Crabs - Most widely consumed Crustacean. Crabs can be purchased: live, cooked fresh,

cooked frozen, canned cooked frozen, canned cooked.

Uses: Boiled, Stuffed, Fried, Salad, Hors D’ouevres, sauces, stuffings, sushi


Crabs pictured here from left to right: Blue, Dungeoness, King Crab

bluecrabdungeonnesscrabking crab