More About Veal

Though Veal is a smaller version of Beef, the flavor profile is much different. Veal acts as a vessel to

transfer flavors. Veal itself is matured up to 20 weeks, where beef is matured between 9 and 30 months.

Veal is so much smaller, some of the muscles aren't existing as they are in developed beef. A Veal

calf is up to 450 lbs. where mature beef cattle 800- 1200 lbs.

Determine what method to use:

A. BraisingĀ is commonly used for many cuts of meat where the muscles are more

developed, they tend to need help, (acid, moisture) to make them more

tender. You could braise any cut of meat, but often times the tougher

cuts have more connective tissue, which adds to the flavor in the braising

process that more tender cuts of meat don't have. They come from the

primal cuts: chuck, foreshank, round, brisket,short plate, flank. See

Braising for more details on braising.

B. Grill/Broil/Sautee/stirfry is commonly used for cuts of meat that don't

need as much help to make them tender. These cuts primarily come from

the primal cuts: rib, sirloin, loin. You could braise or roast these as well.

See Grill, Broil, Sautee, Stirfry for details on these cooking methods.

C. Roasting used for larger cuts of beef, this doesn't make meat more tender. This

method can come from the primal cuts: rib,chuck, sirloin,round, brisket.

The best roasts come from the more tender primal cuts, although leg in

lamb seems more tender than veal, and beef. For More information on

roasting go to Roasting.

Proteins to: Braise Proteins to: Grill Proteins to: Roast

Rib chop

Short ibs

Blade roast

Arm roast

Boneless shoulder arm aoast

Round steak or roast




Boneless rump roast

Stew meat

Top sirloin steak

Loin chop

Kidney chop

Cubed steak


Cube steak

Ground veal

Top sirloin

Loin chop

Kidney chop


Top round steak

Boneless rib chop

Blade steak

Arm steak



Boneless shoulder eye

roast and arm roast

Blade roast

Crown roast

Rib Roast

Boneless rib roast

Boneless rump roast


Boneless breast

Loin roast

Boneless loin roast