Classical International

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classic international cuisines

Asia, Japan and The Orient

Some classic dishes and some American twists


A melting pot of flavors on these islands. From jerk seasoning,

papaya, and conch fritters to curried goat.


From Irish colcannon and soda bread to Polish

haluski and pierogies. Scotch broth, Greek souvlakia,

Dutch gouda, and Spanish paella



Lobster Bisque, Coquilles St.- Jacques, andouille and potato crepes,

ratatouille, tuna nicoise, pommes frites


Sauerbraten, cabbage rolls, weiner schnitzels, spaetzel,

sweet and sour red cabbage



Antipasti, pasta e fagioli, muffuletta, gnocchi, lasagne,

pizza cappricciosa, calzone, tagliatelle, risotto, baccala,

panzanella, osso bucco,


Middle East

Cous cous, falafel, hummus, tabbouleh, spiced matzo stuffed chicken,

chicken kabobs, fattoush, lamb and bean stew


Central and South America

Arepas, aroz con pollo, chicken mole, tostadas, pollo al brasso,

burritos, quesadillas, chili rellenos, empanadas