Beaches or Boardwalk

When you wake up and there is no cold in the air, in fact not even a chill, you step out the

front door and the thermometer reads 65 at 7:00 a.m. Well it must be July in the

northeastern part of the country. Well if you love the heat than you love a day that starts

this way. You love the summer heat and there is a good chance you enjoy going to the beach.

It brings thoughts of going to the shore whether that be the beaches of Cape Cod or

Boardwalks of Ocean City Maryland. These certainly aren't the only ones but they are the

ones that came to my mind that are dear to my heart. Parking at old silver beach in

Falmouth and packing a picnic lunch. Laying out a blanket and trying to keep the sand out

of my food as I eat it.


You would think losing the battle to the sand elements taking lunch and keeping them out

of the swim suit would keep people away from the beach. However there is something about

that ocean that pulls people back. The shore seems to curb peoples taste buds too. Depending

on where you are will determine what the local specialty is. It might include: salt water

taffy, caramel corn, softshell crab, rock candy, clam chowder, fried dough etc. etc. There

could be as many on the list as there are beaches. One food that seems to transcend them all

is seafood in some fashion.


There seems to be something in the salt air that causes ones desire for seafood to be

magnified. If you don't like seafood that is one thing, however if you like seafood when was

the last time you went to the ocean and didn't think “seafood.” Of course if you are by the

ocean the seafood is freshest and if properly prepared fresh seafood is outstanding. I suppose

combining the relaxation of lying on the beach breathing the ocean breezes and having

some time to capture your thoughts along with eating some grilled, broiled, seafood makes

the beach such a memory making place.


Of course getting into that suit and not hanging out of it may indeed be your goal right now.

It is still spring and a little cold even though we had a touch of 90 degree weather recently.

So now that you have a taste of how to beat the heat when it arrives or spend time on your

vacation, we want to shed some of those pounds added in the winter.


The best start is to get moving, enjoy the breakthrough of the spring, take a walk start with

15 minutes a day. Drink more water and less soda, eat more salads, and enjoy foods that are

lighter in fat and calories. One example of that would be the recipe that follows. Pastrami

roasted salmon. The salmon is rich in protein and low in fat and calories, this preparation is

very flavorful.


Pastrami Roasted Salmon

32 oz. Salmon filet, boneless skinless

2 oz. Dark molasses

½ tsp. Ground mustard seed

½ tsp. Ground black pepper

1/8 tsp. Ground coriander


1.combine dry spices,

2.rub cleaned salmon with molasses rub

3.sprinkle spices on side of salmon

4.roast salmon at 300 degrees for 10 – 18 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 135