Global Warming

Is it really global warming or is that my grill?

Well we have a glimpse of it here and there, a teaser of above freezing temps. I

don't claim to be a scientist but, shouldn't global warming make the

temperature warmer?. Wouldn't you agree with me that this winter

submerged in below freezing temperatures was one of the coldest we have had

in some time. I have only been in Pennsylvania about 1 ½ years but I am not

moving here from Florida. I am from a suburb of Boston. It is cold in Boston,

so you couldn't argue it being an adjustment to the location.

Regardless of where you live you have to be anxious for the seasonal global

warming, let me explain. I can't speak to the “world global warming” we will

leave that to the scientists and politicians. What I am referring to is the

seasonal global warming where our periscope protrudes the snow banks, and

we step on grass. The snow melts and the temperatures start going above

freezing more than they are below freezing.

After my cowering down to the deep chill of winter, I am inspired by the new

song of birds calling me outside. I grab a rake and start the mundane task of

cleaning up from the harsh winds whipping through the trees and leaving a

wake of leaves, pine cones, and branches. As mundane as it may be after the

long winter it seems a welcome change from the routine of the four walls of


This is the time when most of us check on the condition of our grills that

have been iced up all winter and sweep out the cob webs. We exchange the hot

chocolate and hot toddies for strawberry lemonade and raspberry iced tea.

The thoughts of it bring warmth to my face, as I contemplate brushing down

the grill and laying out some purple eggplant, vidalia onions and bell peppers

for a grilled vegetable. Then the sizzle and crackle of a T-bone rendering into

the flames.

Now that is my kind of global warming.

Grilled Vegetables:

1 eggplant, sliced into ¼ in. slices

1 vidalia onion, peeled, and sliced into ¼ in. rings,

leave whole

1 red bell pepper, from the top down cut the sides of

the peppers off,

4 each portobella mushrooms

½ lb. Asaparagus, cut 2 in. off the bottoms

2 T. Extra Virgin Olive oil, from the first cold press

2 oz. Balsamic vinegar

½ tsp. Thyme, fresh preferred

salt and pepper

  1. in a large bowl toss the vegetables with the oil, vinegar,

  2. lay out on hot grill,

  3. season with salt and pepper, allow to cook 2 -3 minutes on each side

  4. remove, cut at an angle into workable sized pieces.

  5. Serve, with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and some fresh chopped

  6. thyme