Whole grains and Common Sense

Communication is the key to so many troubles in life. Poor or incomplete messages can

result in an influential messenger leading people in a direction that may or may not be

beneficial. Sometimes the listening audience is told something that appeals to their



An example of this could be someone who really wants to loose weight. They struggle with

discipline and will power. Someone comes along with a plan that only sacrifices

carbohydrates, and you can eat all the protein you want. Well if you are telling me I can eat

all the meat I want, that is a pretty attractive plan.


Ok, I am more than willing to give up my carbohydrates. I here they are not good for you

anyway. Well suddenly ,through the grapevine, I am very excited because I can eat 3 eggs

and 8 strips of bacon or sausage for breakfast. 3 Chicken breasts for lunch and a giant steak

for dinner. Wow this is a great diet one might say. Unfortunately it is not considered the

intense stress on the body in digesting this volume of protein, say nothing of all that fat

from the bacon, and other meats.


My sacrifice is; I can't eat an orange, banana, baked potato, even whole wheat. A Red flag

goes up for me here, now I am not a nutritionist but someone is going to tell me that a

banana or orange, a slice of multigrain or whole wheat bread may have to much

carbohydrates. However I can eat eggs and bacon for breakfast.


Do you see where I am going with this?


Obviously I am referring to a popular diet plan over the last 3 decades. There are some

positive things to this diet. When you are asked to alleviate natural forms of fruits and

vegetables because they have carbs to me is crazy. Again I am not a nutritionist, however

these are natural forms of fruit and vegeble foods, they cann't be that bad.


On another note eliminating white flour, where possible is probably not a bad thing. I do

also know that white flour holds virtually no nutritional value, you always want to

consume breads and pastries that utilize whole grains, and wheats. Many of these different

grains do great things in our bodies. They help fill us up when we are eating,(this is a huge

problem when watching your food intake) they aid in cleaning out our intestinal tract, and

3rd they aid in reducing cholesterol, high blood pressure and reduce risk of diabetes.


To summarize when dieting make sure you do your research. It can be dangerous to get your

diet plan from the delivery guy, who got his info from his postman, who got his from an

advertisement on TV. If you can only imagine the details you may lose in the process. If the

author has a book get a used copy from Amazon.com for a couple of bucks. If the diet raises a

red flag, consult a dietition these days they are pretty readily available. Don't take for

granted that because it is on T.V. Or in print that it is legitimate. They may merely have a

good publicist or marketing plan. If it seems to easy it just might be.


The best diet is a life style change. The simplest of forms is eating modest amounts of well

balance meals accompanied by 20 minutes of exercise each day, plenty of water. Eventually

if this isn't part of your plan you will never maintain your losses. If you attain this lifestyle

the weight will come off over time. It took some time to put the weight on, it is probably most

healthful for it to come off in time.