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1. Each listed menu item on the home page, has a page linked to it, we will refer to these

pages as the parent page. ex: starters, has a page that lists all the starter

categories. This will be the parent page.


2. Then each category menu item has a page,we will call this the child page.

When you link to those pages if they have a another page you will find

the link at the bottom of the page. I will refer to this as a sibling.


3. This sight is a work in progress. I apologize in advance for any problems you

may run into. Feel free to communicate them through the above e-

mail addresses. Use the back button as needed to get back to parent

page so that you can then go to the next child page.


4. The parent pages will be filled in order they appear. The ones that appear in

red here are the ones that have content and are links. Starters, About Your Food, 1st course,

Classical International, North American, Closers. Check back for more

completed sections.

5. It is a good habit to refresh your browser when you enter the sight to allow upload of new

links and edits.

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