Broiling & Grilling







These two are similar procedures

where both items being cooked are

exposed to high intense heat directly

to the item. In the case of broiling the

heat is from above, where in

grilling the heat comes from below.

These processes are considered a

better nutritional source than frying

or sauteing. The process can be done

with little to no fat addittives if

that is what you are looking for.

Grilling can often be confused with

BBQ, though you can put BBQ sauce

on a piece of chicken you grill,

BBQ is more appropriately associated

with smoking.



Go to the link BBQ and Smoking for

more information on this topic.


Here we will take a look at:

1. the grill , flavor and important

2. some different marinades

3. types of wood chips

4. cooking off the norm, (other than burgers, dogs, and steaks) use your

grill to: bake potatoes, and meatloaf in the summer time, just

close the lid and cook on the top shelf.

5. broiling and grilling recipes


Like using any piece of kitchen equipment, grills vary in how they work and their

effectiveness. Below is a chart pointing out some grilling heat source information.


Type of


Heat Source

Benefits Drawbacks
Fire Pit wood fire natural smoke flavor


source is

dfficult to


Fire box wood fire getting back to basics

same as






thermal control


slowly, no





hardwood coal

produces smoke




Gas Grill



more controlled

environment, can cook

for extended periods of

time, can add a smokier

element with a cast iron

smoke box

by themselves

they lack

the smoky



When grilling your flavor comes from:

1. smoke from the fire or wood chips used

2. the product itself

3. marinades used in preparation of the item to be grilled


When grilling something it is important to:

1. Sear the product on high heat, which in turn seals in the juices.

2. After searing move the product to a medium heat. This will continue

the cooking process without putting to much of a carbon

finish on the item.

3. Know when youre product is done


herb olive oil, roasted garlic, fresh herbs, (rosemary, thyme,)

cracked black pepper


balsamic 3 parts olive oil, 1 part balsamic vinegar, fresh

rosemary, roasted garlic,


cajun 3 parts olive oil, 1/6 part lemon juice, 1/6 part tobasco,

roasted garlic, basil, thyme oregano, 1 pinch cayenne

pepper, ground black pepper


cilantro lime 3 parts olive oil, 1 part lime juice, chopped cilantro,

roasted garlic, chili powder, oregano


raspberry 3 parts olive oil, 1 part raspberry vinegar, honey,

thyme, minced shallots, fresh raspberries


tropical citrus 3 parts olive oil, 1 part orange juice, pineapple

pulp, coconut milk, mandarin oranges


Wood chips and smoke boxes are available where you purchase your grill, most common wood

chips are:







White Oak

chips from Bourbon barrels, wine barrels (specialty products)

If you are using a smoke box, the chips could be soaked in water for a couple hours prior to

using them. If you are using a large smoker the pieces don't need to be soaked and could even be

fireplace size.

Grilled Vegetables:

1 zucchini

1 summer squash

1 vidalia onion

1 green pepper

1 red pepper

1 cup balsamic marinade (above, leave out rosemary)

1. slice all vegetables in 1/4 in. planks, see Knife skills

2. marinate in balsamic marinade, marinade for 30 minutes, drain thoroughly

3. with grill on high, place vegetables on grill, cook 2 to 3 minutes then turn at a 45

degree angle. Cook another 2 minutes, then repeat on the other side

4. remove to platter, place on cutting board and slice

Grilled Pizza:

1. place your dough 8 - 12 oz. on a floured surface,pizzashape

press moderately with the palm of your hand.

2. with your hand cupped, extend your fingers, press

your fingertips around the edge of the dough,

this will begin the formation of the crust.

3. you could roll this out if you are not comfortable

stretching it from here on. If you roll it out, roll it to 1/8th to 1/4

in thick.

4. continue stretching it from the center out.pizzastretch


5. Once you have stretched it out far

enough lift it and place on the back

of your hands, continue working

around the dough from the center

out. If you get ambitious, spin it in the air, the

centrifical force will stretch the dough.

6. You want to get it to between 8 and 12 inches across, and 1/8 to 1/4 in


7. brush dough with olive oil, season with salt and pepper

8. you could place this on a pan and bake it with some sauce and cheese.

or you could take it to the grill.

9. When grilling pizza dough youre grill should be a medium heat. The

dough cooks quick so a high heat will burn the dough. You will

top it later

10. After you have cooked your crust for about 2 minutes turn the dough 45

degrees and cook for another minute.

11. Turn your dough over and repeat.

12. remove crust and top with your favorite toppings.

a great topping is nice ripened tomato, sliced mozzarella, and

fresh basil, with a touch of olive oil, cracked black pepper.

13. you can finish your pizza on the top shelf of your grill with the lid closed,

on low temp. to melt cheese, adjust temp as needed.

Grilled Maine Lobster


1. Start with a live lobster.

2. You will need a large sharp knife, preferably a 10” French knife

Hold the lobsters’ cavity on its back. Placing your index

finger on one side and your thumb on the other side.

3. Take your French knife in your right hand and hold it above the

head of the lobster, with the tip of the knife between the


Before you take your next step you will realize that this can be a

dangerous position for your hands.


4. Go straight down to your cutting board through the head, this will

instantly kill the lobster. Continue your knife through

the remainder of the cavity and continue through the tail

section of the lobster. You should have either two halves

or a lobster body that can be opened up to a butterfly


5. Brush your lobster with butter or olive oil place on a hot grill.

Cook for 3 - 5 min. on each side depending on the size of

your lobster.


To tell if your lobster is done you can take the temperature of the

meat. It should be 140 degrees.


You can look at the color of the meat, it should be a milky white

color. If the appearance is translucent then it will need

more time.


Serve with drawn butter(melted whole butter)

BBQ'd Oysters:

1. Wash your clams and oysters thoroughly.

2. Place them in a pan of water which is deep enough to cover them and

sprinkle with corn meal. The clams or oysters will eat the corn

meal and flush any sand out of there system.

3. Let them sit for about an hour or two. Rinse them off again and you are

ready to B.B.Q. them. Oysters do not seem to digest as much sand

as a clam will.

4. Place them on your heated grill.

5. When shell opens up they are done, brush them with B.B.Q. sauce or your

favorite sauce.

Grilled Fish:

Seafood is much more delicate than any of the other meats. To grill fish you

need to either use a firm fish, such as swordfish, halibut, shark or tuna.

Flaky fish such as cod, trout, haddock and pollack may be grilled but you

may want to place them in foil and poke holes in the foil until you become

more comfortable with grilling fish. You can grill flaky white fish but it is

very delicate.

1. Buy fresh seafood. Frozen fish loses a lot of its quality through

the freezing process. If you use frozen thaw out first.

2. Start with a hot grill. Make sure grill is scraped with your

brush very well so particles will not make the fish


3. You will need to oil the fish or spray it with Pam. (if you have

marinated the fish this isn't necessary)

4. Place fish on grill, cook on medium high to high heat for 2 to 3

minutes, check for desired color (golden brown lines),

then turn the fish steak at a 45 degree angle cook for

another 2 - 3 minutes.

5. Flip your fish over. Finish cooking fish , you can repeat step

4 on second side. Cook to 130 -140 degrees.

Remove and serve with your favorite side dishes. Enjoy!!!


top with compound basil butter

1 oz. fresh basil cut into ribbons

4 oz. butter, softened

1 T. lemon juice

1 tsp. roasted garlic

whisk the ingredients together, wrap in waxed paper as a tube, or refrigerate.

Place spoonful or slice coin and place on fish.

Striped Bass:

2 lbs. striped bass

1 tsp.basil, washed chopped

1 tsp. thyme, remove leaves, chop

1 tsp. finely grated lemon zest


fresh ground black pepper, salt


1. Brush striped bass with olive oil,

2. sprinkle each herb and spice over the fish

3. Place fish on grill, cook on medium high to high heat for 2 to 3

minutes, check for desired color (golden brown lines),

then turn the fish steak at a 45 degree angle cook for

another 2 - 3 minutes.

4. Flip your fish over. Finish cooking fish , you can repeat step

3 on second side. Cook to 130 -140 degrees.


Grilled Corn:

6 ears corn in the husk

4 oz. softened butter

1. soak in water for 20 minutes

2. peel back the husk slightly to remove the tassles, hairs etc.

3. place on hot grill, turn to cook on all sides about 3 minutes each, figure 4

sides. If husks brown that is ok, they are protecting the corn.

4. remove from grill with oven mitts or towel, peel husks with towel, place

on platter

Broiled Cod, Haddock:

1 lb. of skinless, boneless cod, or haddock: cut into 4 X 4 oz.


1 oz. EVOO

1/4 oz. fresh squeeze lemon juice

1 tsp. fresh thyme leaves, chopped

s & p to taste

1. place fish on pan lined with pan spray or brushed with olive oil

2. rub fish with EVOO, then lemon juice

3. season with thyme, S & P

4. place under broiler, 5 - 7 minutes.