1st Course

Click on a link to learn the methods that transition your food

into delectable treats for your taste.

BBQ and Smoking

Lip smacking finger licking ribs, hot off the BBQ. Don't confuse

this method with grilling


Coq au vin, beef burgogne, pot roast, swiss steak

these classics are the result of this cooking method.

Broil and Grilling

Slice into the crisp caramel skin into the juicy flesh of

a salmon , or porterhouse steak



Crispy golden battered fish and hand cut fries, with

savory hush puppies and sweet corn fritters



That sheening glare coating your beef or blanketing around

your macaroni and cheese. Sauce is such a big part of your meal.



A sizzling pan, crackled by the sear of your chicken,

pork, beef, seafood, or vegetable caramelizing in the pan.

Slow & Crock Pot Cooking

Whether you put a meal in the morning for supper or you want

make a nice stew this is a flavorful cooking method



Learn the popular asian style of cooking



Poultry, Beef, Veal, Fish Fume,

Lobster and Vegetable Stocks


Making fresh pasta, from fettucini to wild mushroom

and goat cheese raviolis