Kitchen Utensils




To the Right are some common kitchen knives

From left to right:

A. Carving knife - for roasts

B. Paring knife

C. Serrated Bread Knife

D. Kitchen Steele

E. Peeler

F. Boning Knife

G. Tomato Shark

H. 10" French Knife




To the left are some common utensils

From left to right:

A. Slotted spoon

B. Unslotted spoon

C. Spaghetti or Pasta fork

D. Spatula

E. Wooden Spoon

F. Rolling Pin

G. Pastry Brush




To the right are some miscellaneous


From left to right:

A. Kitchen tongues

B. Whip

C. Potato masher

D. Rubber spatula

E. Can opener, with bottle, and wedge

F. Garlic Press

G. Thermometer


To the left is a set of stove pots.

From left to right:

A. 2 quart sauce pot

B. 1 quart sauce pot

C. 7 in. sautee pan

D. 10 in. sautee pan

E. 10 in. rondeau

F. 10 quart stock pot



To the right are some mixer items.

From left to right:

A. Mixing bowl for large mixer

B. Set of bowls for mixing

C. Hand mixer , for smaller mixes

D. Counter top mixer

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