See the image left of the chef holding a

french knife.


Notice: The index finger and the thumb seem to

pinch the butt of the knife. This allows the

chefto use the blade in rocking motion.

Starting at the tip and then rolling from the

front to the back. The left hand is poised

with the tips of the fingers back and slighlty

curled. This is a safe way to hold something

that you would be cutting. It keeps you're

fingertips out of the way of the sharp blade.


The picture to the right shows the

chef safely walking with a knife.


Notice: The chef holding

the knife as depicted above.

Here the chef is holding the

point of the knife to the

ground, and the knife blade

is facing, back, while the

blade is to the side of

the chefs body.


The photo to the left is the beginning of

our knife skills lessons.


Here we will show you how to begin to

cut uniform sizes.

1. We have peeled a carrot and cut

the ends off.

2. Then using the "knife hold" and

cutting hold, you will turn

your carrot into a rectangle,

squaring off the sides.

Now that you have the "planks" cut,

you can square up the edges once



1. Stack the squared planks

2. Cut even strips, from this you will then

dice, or make other cuts, however

this is what you will use for a

crudite tray or vegetable tray

for a party.

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