The photo to the left shows the final step to

dicing the carrots.


1. Line the carrot lengths up from the

previous step, along side and on top.

2. Then you hold the lengths from your

object holding hand. Hold as

described in our first photo lesson.

3. Start from the oposite end of the object

holding hand & begin your cutting.




To the right we will begin working

with onions.


1. Using a smaller knife such as a pairing

knife, cut close to the root end


2. Then, remove the outer peel off the


3. With a small knife, cut out a V shape

where the root is. This will help





Pictured to the left is an onion that has been cut

in half.

1. Positiion the root end that you trimmed earlier

facing up or down but not on the side.

2. Run your knife straighte down the middle of

the onion.

Notice: Take note of the position of the left

hand. This is a clear picture of that

"product holding" position, as

described in the begginning of this


Preparing the onion for common cuts,

such as julienne, diced, minced.


1. Take 1/2 of the onion and place the flat side

on your cuttig board.

2. Place your "product holding" hand on top

of the onion. This is a crucial step

to preventing your fingers getting


3. Take your knife and run the blade through

the center of the onion about 98%



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