Knife Skills 3


julienne onion

The photo to the left shows julienning an


1. Take 1/2 of the onion, lay it on the board.

2. Hold the onion with the correct "object

holding" pose of the left hand.

3. From right to left or left to right if you are

lefthanded begin slicing in 1/8 inch

increments from the stem end to the

sprout end.





The image to the right shows a step in

preparing to dice an onion.


1. Take 1/2 of the onion, lay it on the board.

2. Place your "product holding" hand on top

of the onion.

3. Take your knife and run the blade through

the center of the onion about 98%


4. Follow Step 3 from the julienning steps.

5. It is important for dicing that you keep all of

these cuts together until you dice.

that is why above you only cut 98%



Here we have the combination of all of these

steps we have used with the onion so far.

1. We have cut the onion in half, cut 98% through

the middle horizontally and then down

through in 1/8 inch slices that are still

attached because you only cut it

through 98%.

2. Now we will turn the onion 90 degrees so that

you're product holding hand holds the

uncut 2%, as shown.

3. Notice in the picture how the french knifes tip

is touching the cutting board.

4. You can then rock the blade, slowly yet

precisely through your onion making

it the size you need.

celery lengths


Here to the right we will start working with celery


1. Take your washed rib of celery and lay it on the

cutting board.

2. Split the celery down the middle in even halfs.

3. Split each half in half making 4 even celery lengths.


Shown to the left here is the celery lengths that have

been lined up side by side.

1. Now you will move your "product holding hand" up the celery lengths

towards the end you will be cutting.

2. Line the blade of your knife about 1/4 inch from the end, or whatever

size you wnat, and place the tip on the board.

3. Now rock the blade cutting the desired thickness, and slide your "product

holding hand" as needed away from the cut and towards the uncut lengths.


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