Menu Planning

5 Questions we want to answer during our

Menu Planning process:

1. Who is going to be there?

2. What are wew going to eat?

3. How will the meal be nutritionally balanced?

4. Who is going to prepare it?

5. Progressing in my skill and having fun with it.

Note from the Chef:

You might ask yourself, "Why Plan?" Here are a few reasons to plan out your


1. You will find yourself more prepared even if something gets you off course.

2. Planning actually gets you prepared for your week, making you more effective.

3. Being prepared, you will rock with confidence.

4. If you plan you will actually save money when you execute your plan.

5 Questions

1. Who is going to be there? On the next page you will see a grid that you can utilize the format to help

answer this question. Ex. on Monday; I work late, Joey has soccer, Amy has debate. Since

there will be no one at homewer could probably figure soup and coldcuts for when we get



2. What will we eat? I recommend starting a file, get an index filing box and keep record of what

everyone likes to eat. You would save yourself some time if you included recipes, and

things you want to try.

3. Balance is attainable: Though the task is worthy of the challenge, balancing between nutrition,

ability, time and budget can be done. The great thing is that you are the chef, the author.

Whatever you end up deciding will be fine. Keep the challenges in the forefront, persist

and you cann't lose.

4. Who is going to prepare it? Maybe Joey can turn the oven on and pop it in at a certain time. Maybe

I can prepare it the night before.


5. Having fun with it and progressing in your skill; Are there some things I can do with the kids? How

can I challenge my ablilities? Put something in there,(and allow ample time) that will be

different for me to cook.