Reading a Recipe

5 Simple Steps to the recipe process that

will facilitate the execution of your recipe:

Note from the Chef:

It takes time to be comfortable with the different basic cooking processes, and

techniques. Practice them, it will be worth it.When you are comfortable with the

processes cooking comes down to gathering the ingredients, doing your

preparations and taking it to the stove,oven or grill. Simple!! The more

comfortable or confident you are the quicker it will be to achieve the results you

want with your recipe.

1. Read through the recipe to see what items you may need to put on your grocery

list. To identify any processes or preparations that you may

be unfamiliar with.


2. Ingredients – once you have all of the ingredients that you need to execute the

recipe, understanding them. There may be none, however

their may be special ways to handle the ingredient.


3. Measure – Gaining a general understanding of measurements is a step in

kitchen confidence.


4. Process – familiarization of the different cooking techniques and what is

important in executing them.


5. Having your items ready – Simply put, being ready with these steps, and having

your items ready to start.


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