How to Use these roasting charts:

Follow these guidelines and utilize a thermometer to gauge the internal temperature of the

meat. Aim for the middle time from the charts, then adjust according to your results.

This time will act as a baseline using your equipment, note the weather as well. There are

variables such as: the accurate temperature of the equipment and some we have no

control over (so no need to concern). This can be affected by the room temperature and

sometimes the humidity. This is why the charts should be used along with a good



Searing: Poultry is different then beef. When doing a whole chicken or turkey, you can start

your oven at 425 - 450 for 15 to 35 minutes when you start cooking, then reduce the

temperature. This would act as searing for poultry.



of meat


Time P/lb



Time p/lb




Whole Chicken



325 - 350 13 - 17 minutes 11 - 14minutes

Stuffed Chicken

325 - 350 15 - 22 minutes 10 - 17 minutes
  Unstuffed Turkey 325 - 350 15 - 22 minutes 10 - 17 minutes
  Stuffed Turkey 325 - 350 18 - 30 minutes 15 - 22 minutes


Poultry, particularly chicken and turkey need to be cooked to a minimum of 165 degrees

fahrenheit, to kill salmonella bacteria.



Note:     "Carry over cooking" is a term in cooking that starts when a roast comes out of the oven. The internal temperature

of the roast continues to rise until it peaks usually about 20 minutes. The internal temperature can rise as much

as 10 degrees. When cooking a roast you should consider the carry over cooking. If you over cook to begin

with carry overcooking will really over cook your product. By letting your roast rest for 20 minutes will allow

the juices relax, and they will not rush out of the meat when you slice into it.

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