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give you a foundation to build on.

Reading a Recipe

5 Simple Steps to the recipe process



Equivalents and some measuring guidelines


The Pantry

These are some suggested items that are important to utilize

and some for convenience in youre kitchen. I suggest using your judgement

in acquiring them and build it over a period of time.


Menu Planning

Looking at your familys needs, balance, nutrition,

new ideas, challenging yourself, time, availability.



Germs and Bacteria are everywhere.  The goal in the kitchen is to work in a controlled

environment where germs and bacteria are minimized.  The following are some steps that

will assist you in minimizing germs and  bacteria.

Food Storage

Guidelines and Freezer Storage times

Kitchen Utensils

Identifying some key utensils used in the kitchen


Knife Skills

An instructional guide to handling a knife, how to attain

some of the most common cuts utilized in the kitchen


The Knife for You

The right knife for you is the one you are most comfortable with.

This is a guide to use to determine one you may want to purchase.


Roasting Charts

Beef & Lamb, Poultry, Pork and Ham