Our Awesome Catchy Heading

From the classroom where we learn: reading a recipe,

measuring,what to keep in your pantry, menu

planning, knife skills roasting Charts, etc.

About Your Food

More in depth study of the ingredients that we use

such as, eggs,cheese, Poultry, beef, pork,

lamb, fish, shellfish, and produce

1st Course

We begin putting some of this information into practice by looking 

into soups, sauces, salads,breads,pastas, nutrition,vegetarian, 

Saute, Stir-fry, Braise, Roast, Grill, Steam, Fry, Broil

North American

We will look at Canada and the United States including,New England, NY City, 

The Shore and Chesapeake Bay, Pennsylvania Dutch, 

Smoking and BBQ, South Florida, The Southwest and Tex Mex, 

The Central Farmlands, and The West Coast

Classical International

We begin to look at Asia and the pacific Islands,

Classic European Cuisines,Eastern Block Europe,

the Mediterannean, and Middle East


Including desserts, Receptions, Holiday Meals, 

Cooking for 1,2 Weeks and a month at a time, 

stretching your dough and saving $ in the kitchen

Another Awesome Heading

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