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the chefs cooking school

The Chefs Cooking School

The Chefs Cooking School is a work of passion, one for food, family and friends.  Preparing creations to satisfy those we serve and care for.  

You too can learn all things about cooking to prepare your newly expanded knowledge in food.  You can learn how to set up key ingredients in a pantry, learn to use a knife, sanitation, menu planning. and saving money in the kitchen.

pickled vegetables

Pickled Vegetables



The Kitchen

The Kitchen

This is where it all happens, the kitchen.  You will use our instruction and guidance in your kitchen. Click the link to go right to our course listings

How it Works

Sign up for your Newsletter, Chef Thymes.  In our menu section you will see topics, that are self explanatory in name, these are all free.  If you would like to get the most current blogs they will be sent to you when you sign up.  Our Classes you can preview in the cooking fundamentals section.  You can take advantage of our recipes, and add your own.  We have worked hard at bringing to you a section of kitchen tools and resources, we can let you know of new releases and updates.


Sign up for our "Chef Thymes"  to hear of the release of the e-book, "Kitchen Cents", devoted to saving money in the kitchen.  As well as the E-book, The Chefs Diet, dedicated to a nutritious way of eating, and updates on courses and new material.

What Our Customers Say

This has been an amazing help for me in learning to cook more than I do.  I would love to hear of the updates and new releases

Cameron Alastair

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