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Who is this site for?

This sight is for those who like to cook, or want to learn to cook, aspiring professional chefs. Those looking to feel better about their self image through our Coaches Corner, and wellness information. While you are looking for new ideas to create, this site will be a great resource for you. 

Their are courses on Cooking Essentials, Cooking Fundamentals, All About your food, North American Cuisine, Classical International Cuisine. Their are courses geared for the aspiring chef that go over key cooking disciplines, as well as instructional segments that many.  

Articles for here for you:

Home Cook 

Aspiring Chef



Coaches Corner



The chefs diet is a resource coming to you soon with a number of resources to guide you to preparing foods that are wholesome and full of nutrients.  Kitchen cents will help you stack up the savings. The eBook is a guide to making the most of your resources in the kitchen and will be available in January 2020 through Amazon.

Values and Goals

Thechefscookingschool.com sets out to equip you with tools, resources and information to create your food.  We are continually working on developing new resources to be available to you.


This site has been a huge help for me.  I really appreciate it.


I love the cooking fundamentals courses, and the pantry set up.  I am learning to cook and this is a great resource

        Molly Macleod

I am learning how to Smoke and BBQ foods, Low and Slow was impeccably helpful

.             Will  B

What makes us unique

The sight has been developed to lend training and support to those interested in learning.  The development operation isn't a huge company driven by corporate ideals, it is a grass roots operation driven by the passion for food, and sharing with others. 

We do appreciate your patronage, subscribing and purchasing classes and ebooks.  It aids in being able to keep building and developing the sight.  You can view much for free, our premium content.  You can subscribe to all content for one price or you can purchase all training, and ebooks seperately.  You can sign up for our the "chef thymes" newsletter for free.

Sight Completion

Meet the Staff

The following are contributors to this sights development


Michael Davis, CEC.

Michael is the Founder, Main Contributor and Developer of thechefscookingschool.com.  Developed from a passion of wanting to share and teach others about food and cooking.  Over 30 years as a Executive Chef, working at Creative Gourmet, Tangle wood, Bostons Museum of Science, Eagle Rock Resort, Private Golf Clubs, Corporate Industry, Hospitals and Massachusetts Medical Society providing the finest foods presented creatively.

Gary Shadle

Gary is our Marketing Consultant and Web Designer. His main business, Exclusive Local Leads, is dedicated to helping small businesses find more leads and make more money.

John McGran

John is the Blogging Editor for MealPlanMap.com, a powerful yet easy-to-use meal & fitness planning tool that does all the work for you.

Darren Maggio

Darren is a contributing Chef/Owner from offthevinecatering.com in Boston, Massachusetts.

Tonita Castaberlopez

Tonita is a native of Pachuquilla, Mexico.  A Resident of the US Since 2007.  Tonita studied Culinary arts at Penn Technical school in Williamsport.  She worked at Le Jeune Chef, Hartefeld National Golf Course, to highlight a few.