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Building Financial Strength

Introduction:The Chef Thymes is thrilled to have this series of articles on finances.  Whether you are 10 or 60 it is never to early or too late to learn financial principles for a sound mind. This article contributes to building financial confidence by Steve Orr.  Stephen is a regular contributor in our Coaches Corner  which […]

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The Warrior Code of The Samurai

warrior or samuraiIs everyone in Japan a warrior? In feudal Japan, “Samurai” referred to a “retainer;” that is, someone who accompanied a Lord, had pledged fealty to that Lord, and served that Lord in close attendance.   It means, essentially, “to wait upon the Lord.”   The Hagakure is a Japanese book that captures this warrior code of the samurai. It is a practical […]

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The 3 Balances of Holiday Menu Planning

The 3 B’s of BalanceI have learned over the years, that when crafting a menu, there needs to be balance. A balance in flavors, nutritional values and overall ingredients. This holds true for specific dishes as well. Take for instance one of my past Christmas buffet menus: It took me a couple of days to hone […]

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kate morgan art

Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Kate MorganI am thrilled to share with you this up and coming artist.  Kate Morgan of Douglass Massachusetts has taken to the canvas and shared the beauty of expression in her creativity.  Kates work is available for sale through art shows and sales.  You can also visit her works at Kate Morgan […]

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The Chefs Diet

The Chefs Diet is a guide for those who struggle for various reasons with nutrition.  The Chefs Diet is meant to aid you in walking through some of the aspects in your life that lead to choices that aren’t ideal choices for best health practices.  The Chefs Diet takes you on a journey of pleasant […]

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