The Chef’s Cooking School – Created by Culinary Experts for Aspiring Chefs

Certified Executive Chef Michael Davis is so passionate about food that he set out on a mission to continuously hone his skills and knowledge while educating others on the best and most healthful ways to feed themselves and their families.

Chef Davis founded The Chef’s Cooking School to further his cause, helping both home and professional chefs feel more confident in their culinary skills. Chef Davis, along with a team of culinary experts from across the country, is dedicated to taking the fear out of cooking and making it a fun experience so anyone in the kitchen feels empowered to experiment with unique ingredients and new techniques. By peppering our renowned cooking courses with free articles and foolproof recipes, we help cooks of every age and skill level serve up something delicious.

The Chef’s Cooking School is recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation as an ACFEF-Approved Program.

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This site has been a huge help for me.  I really appreciate it.

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Molly Macleod

I love the cooking fundamentals courses, and the pantry set up.  I am learning to cook and this is a great resource

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Will  B

I am learning how to Smoke and BBQ foods, Low and Slow was impeccably helpful

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LeeAnn Corrao, ACFEF

Your program adds depth and great value to culinary education

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Chef Michael Davis, CEC

About Chef Michael Davis, CEC

Chef Davis is a member of the American Culinary Foundation. His 30-year career has included stints at the prestigious Museum of Science in Boston, the vaunted Tanglewood music venue in Massachusetts, and a number of premier country clubs and institutions of higher learning. He currently serves as a managing partner at the Whitetail Preserve and Event Center in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Chef Davis serves up wholesome foods and savory meals whether he’s cooking for his family or for large gatherings. His latest venture, The Chef’s Diet, and its companion program include a life-changing dash of spirituality. In addition, his insightful eBook, Kitchen Cents, is available now on and highlights tips for cooking healthy on a budget.

For those who eat out they gain a meal – there is a value and a reward. For those who learn to cook like a chef, there is the ability to provide a value, receive a reward and take pride in the result. Let’s journey together! – Chef Michael Davis, CEC

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Our Team

Gary Shadle, owner of Guild Media is our website developer and marketing specialist.

Gary Shadle


Gary is our Marketing Consultant and Web Designer. His main business, Guild Media, is dedicated to helping small businesses find more leads and make more money.

John McGran is one of our content creators.

John McGran

Content Creator

John McGran is perhaps the only person in America to head up content creation, acquisition, and publication for four national weight loss and wellness companies --,, Diet-to-Go and Writing as John McGran or his alter-ego, Mr. Bad Food, McGran has also provided content for a number of other companies concerned with helping individuals live a better life.

Chef Darren Maggio, a contributor for The Chefs Cooking School, carving roast beef at a wedding.

Darren Maggio


Darren is a contributing Chef/Owner from in Boston, Massachusetts.

Martin Murmel is a contributor.

Martin Murmel


Martin lives in Ireland and enjoys writing about cooking, food, wine, tea and other pleasant things in life. He has worked in retail, sales and the gastronomy trade for over fifteen years and knows the business very well. To make his content as accessible and enjoyable as possible, he is always trying to write from the readers perspective. Martin loves (watching) sports and adores cats.

Tonita Castaberlopez is a contributor at The Chefs Cooking School.

Tonita Castaberlopez


Tonita is a native of Pachuquilla, Mexico. A Resident of the US Since 2007. Tonita studied Culinary arts at Penn Technical school in Williamsport, Pa. She worked at Le Jeune Chef, Hartefeld National Golf Course, to highlight a few.

Jim Williams is a contributor at The Chefs Cooking School.

Jim Williams


Jim Williams is the real deal. He has a passion for what he does that is like no other. Jim a resident of Northeast Pa has taken steps to become a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, NASM – Fitness, Nutrition Specialist, Bio force- Certified Conditioning Coach. Jim’s reputation stands for itself with respects to his work in the public arena. Jim’s experiences have him putting training programs together for serious athletes and novices alike.  See Jim on Facebook.

Brian Peffley is a contributor at The Chefs Cooking School.

Brian Peffley


2020 ACF Northeast Region Chef Educator of the Year. ACFEFAC American Culinary Federation Education Accrediting Commission as the Secondary Chair for the country. Brian is a Certified Executive Pastry Instructor at Lebanon County Career and Technology Center, and until 2018 worked at Hershey Hershey & Resorts as well. Brian is a leader in the area of Culinary Education. Brian is an Approved Evaluator for Trade Competency in Culinary/Pastry Arts for Penn State University. He is also a Subject Matter Expert in the Hospitality Industry(SME) for NOCTI.

Veronica Wallace is a contributor at The Chefs Cooking School.

Veronica Wallace


Veronica Wallace is a childhood educator and blogging enthusiast. She loves applying her knowledge of writing and education to new content pieces. She is best known for helping small businesses reach their content dreams. She believes that no website is complete without a blog or news sectione...

Steve Orr is a contributor at The Chefs Cooking School.

Steve Orr


Born and raised in West Kentucky, Steve Orr spent his first two decades surrounded by rolling hills, green grass, and rolling rivers. He graduated from Paducah Community College. Two pillars of his life were formed in those years: his love of God and his love of writing. Over the following decades, he moved to Texas, completed his college education, married a Texas woman, raised a daughter, and formed a career as a banker, bank examiner, federal bank regulator, and federal investigator. He worked in the Boston area for almost two decades before returning to Texas in 2007. He continued to actively pursue God, church life, and writing throughout all of it. Today, Steve serves his community on nonprofit boards, serves in church, leads Bible studies, and writes extensively on how real people relate to a real God.

Francis B. Priore Sr is a contributor at The Chefs Cooking School.

Francis B. Priore Sr.


Frank began his career in the industry at the age of 14 as a dishwasher/pantry cook in Langhorne, Pa.  In 1983 he began an apprenticeship through the Buck County Community College Culinary Program.

He became the Commis Chef under Ex. Chef Tony Sindaco who was a member of the New York Culinary Olympic Team in 84’ and 88’.  He worked under Tony a Omin Hotels in Princeton NJ, and Georgetown in Washington, D.C.

Then worked at Tavern on the Green in New York state and Tappan Hill Restaurant in Tarrytown, N.Y. as Chef de Partie and Chef de partie. 

Frank has competed in many culinary competitions receiving silver, and bronze medals for cold food competitions.  Frank worked as part of the Culinary Olympics team who won overall Gold and Silver team medals in Frankfurt Germany in 1988.

In 1989 Frank was sent to Gstaad, Switzerland to work at the 5 star Palace hotel for 2 seasons before returning to the states and working at the Mount Laurel Estates in the Pocono’s, Pa.  for 2 years as Sous Chef.  Teaching at LCC as an adjunct professor in their culinary program.

Frank became the Executive Chef at the Prestigious “Platinum Five Star, Private City Club” the Westmoreland Club in Scranton, Pa.

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Fred De Meo


Fred is an accomplished chef with over 4 decades in the culinary field. He started at the bottom as a dishwasher and worked his way up the ranks to become an executive chef. While most of his experience came in the field, he received formal training from the Newbury college culinary program. He has worked in a wide variety of cooking situations from a small retirement home to elite country clubs, hotels, restaurants, and catering. While he is adept at all facets of culinary, catering is his passion.