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Stocks are the base for any soup or sauce. A good flavorful stock that has been seasoned predominately by protein (Beef,   Chicken, Seafood or vegetable) with complimentary general flavors (celery, onions, carrots wine, general spices) but hasn’t been seasoned with salt or dominant elements such as strong flavored spices or vegetables. (ex.  fennel, anise, dill,   vinegar, etc.) A stock is a concentration of flavors that are removed through a liquid, usually water.

  • A Stock is made from withdrawing flavors usually from a combination of bones and vegetables.
  • In the case of vegetable stock, only vegetables.
  • There is no set recipe for a stock, however, there are some common elements used.
  • Most stocks use: celery, carrots, onions are known as mirepoix in French.
  • Fish stocks don't use carrot or onion because of the delicate flavor of seafood but may use shallots, and white wine.
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