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Healthy Dinner Ideas – For the Love of Food

We Love Food

Why is dieting so hard?  It really shouldn’t be; we love food.  Food is nutritious and delicious and meant to strengthen and nourish our bodies.  I think the problem lies in the word diet.  The mere fact that when we use the term diet we associate or summarize our thoughts into actions like sacrifice, failure, and guilt.  We want to get a result that usually consists of losing weight, which is highly desired by all.

But we love food so it shouldn’t be hard, in fact it shouldn’t be a diet.  So, let’s put that word into the files and talk about what it really is.  It is a transformation of taking care of ourselves because we need to do that for us and those who depend on us.   If you were to take one day, and track on your smart phone with one of the apps out there that you track your meal consumption, you would realize that you have been duped or fooled.  Fooled into the belief that you can consume 100’s of grams of fat and 1000’s of grams of sodium and tons of carbohydrates daily and be healthy. 

We love food yes, but survival on this type of daily consumption or diet, isn’t sustainable.  This is where we should begin.  You need to understand the foods you eat or appreciate some of our American capital system.  Whether you are shopping for convenience foods, processed in nature, or surviving on fast food options the results are similar.  High fat, High sodium and typically high in carbohydrates.  The funny thing is that our bodies get addicted to these tastes, textures and satisfaction from them.  They should be treats, not sustainable daily food consumption.

I challenge you to begin here and look at these facts alone and then we can begin at a starting point.  What should we be aiming for, in what we eat?  Depending on age and an assumption that there is average health in an individual, you should consume about 11 grams of total fat, essentially just over 1 tsp of salt which is 2300 mg, and 1192 calories of carbohydrates.  These are the ones that affect us the most.  This is your challenge, compare a few days of what you actually eat to this average.

Grilled Lemon Rosemary Chicken
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Grilled lemon rosemary chicken on a cutting board with fresh chopped rosemary and a juicy lemon wedge.

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