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About the Aspiring Chef Series

This is designed for those who aspire for greater things. Those who don’t want to accept the status quo for life. Those who want to master their craft and while taking hold of one's destiny in the kitchen. This course will help you reach your aspirations.

Problem though, you need to work, you need to learn. Where do you find the time? The Aspiring chef series, Executive Chef program is designed for you and answers both.

Studying remotely, online, at your pace allows you to practice disciplines both on the job and in your private time which will solidify your learning. This allows you to be engaged in your field while building and honing your passion.

A Comprehensive program worked out through years of hands on experience. The curriculum covers some key disciplines from:

Kitchen Essentials

This series of courses is meant to be building blocks to the world of culinary arts. They will guide you through necessary learnings aimed at the basics of cooking. Yes, any good chef worth his or her salt needs to first bone up on the tricks and tools that will make a kitchen smooth-running and ultra-operational. We suggest you start with these eight foundational courses

All About your Food

The bounty of creative menus starts with ingredients. This gives you some thought on the foods you cook with. It’s time to broaden your horizons by sinking your teeth into a whole new world of tasty foods. This scrumptious series of courses delves into everything from meats and cheeses to fruits and vegetables.

Cooking Fundamentals

Here we jump into the arsenal of cooking disciplines. If the majority of your meals involve baking, broiling or frying, get ready for a whole new world of culinary creativity. We’ve compiled the super seven building blocks. These are the foundational courses geared to get you started in the many disciplines of cooking.

Cooking Fundamentals Advanced

The more you feed your knowledge of foods and cooking techniques, the better you’ll feed your family and guests. And because we want you to become the best chef you can be, we’ve beefed up our foundational cooking courses to offer you this premium approach to the techniques and tricks that will leave them hungering for an invite to your dinner table.


The industry needs leaders who can execute the need, care for the people, create great food and land the desired budgeted numbers. This series of courses is designed to introduce the mindset of the chef who leads.

  • Leading
    • Vision Casting
    • Working with Others
    • Project Lead
    • Execute
    • Humility
    • Give Thanks
  • Teamwork
  • Everyone Counts
  • Communication
  • Menu Planning and Excel
  • Training
  • Time Management
  • Your Team
  • The Ambassador
  • Being the Bad Guy
  • Preparing for the next day
  • Building Your Team
  • Quality Assurance

Chef to Chef Mentoring

This is straight-up coaching and mentoring provided by the seat and perspective of a Certified Executive Chef with over 30 years in the industry working in all phases of food service from Restaurants, Resorts, Private clubs, Personal Chef, B&I, Conferencing, Catering, Hospitals, and Regional Chef. The chef will gain insights into cross-industry standards and expectations on how to work with non-food leaders and business people as well as being in the front of the race for quality, sustainability, and profitability.

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