Learn to Cook With Virtual Cooking Classes for the Home Chef

Your kitchen should be a safe space for creativity, where you can experiment with flavors and try unique dishes from around the world. But too often, we have a preconceived notion that whipping up restaurant-worthy meals is not only complicated, but expensive.

The Chef’s Cooking School takes the mystery out of home cooking by walking you step-by-step through foolproof techniques that can help you create a delicious, healthy and affordable meal without added stress or hassles. Each virtual cooking class we offer comes complete with online instruction from expert chefs, simple-to-follow recipes, and professional secrets to troubleshoot your biggest worries in the kitchen.

Plus, you can fit in our courses on your schedule and get professional-level training at an affordable price.

Courses for Every Skill Level

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all cooking classes. Everyone has different levels of experience in the kitchen, so we created a variety of online culinary classes for those novices starting from scratch and those home chefs who are already the cream of the crop.

For the Beginners

If your cooking experience is limited to the toaster and microwave, our Cooking Fundamentals and Kitchen Essentials classes will help you turn your apron into a culinary superhero cape.

For the Experienced Home Chef

Spice up your usual weeknight repertoire with more advanced classes and recipes that build on the cooking skills you’ve acquired, so you can wow anyone who pulls up a chair to your table.

For the Weekend Grillmasters

Created just for those who spend every weekend around the grill or smoker, our Pitmasters course will help you cook up fall-off-the-bone ribs, master the perfect smoke ring, and ace other grilling techniques.

Various smoked meats hanging on chains.


These classes are specifically designed for the BBQ enthusiast. The saucy subject matter serves up smokin’ hot skills and secrets for the hopeless carnivore who can’t help but get fired up over a backyard grill or smoker. So whether you want to elevate yourself to pitmaster status or you want to wow a meat-loving mate with the gift of grilling, come and get it!

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A delicious sopressata salad ready to be served.

Salad Aficionado

Toss aside your preconceived notions of healthy, but often boring salads. It’s time to transform your salads from lettuce-driven sides to savory main courses. With these classes, you’ll learn how to expand your recipes to include homemade vinaigrettes, surprising grilled veggies, and a slew of wholesome extras that are sure to make your salad a mealtime star!

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A colorful salad with artichokes.

Cooking Fundamentals

A quick show of hands: Who does most of their cooking in the oven or on the stovetop? If the majority of your meals involve baking, broiling, or frying, get ready for a whole new world of culinary creativity. We’ve compiled the super seven building blocks. These are the foundational courses geared to get you started in the many disciplines of cooking.

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Asian teriyaki beef with bell pepper, broccoli and sesame close-up on a plate viewed from above.

Cooking Fundamentals Advanced

The more you feed your knowledge of foods and cooking techniques, the better you’ll feed your family and guests. And because we want you to become the best chef you can be, we’ve beefed up our foundational cooking courses to offer you this advanced approach to the techniques and tricks that will leave them hungering for an invite to your dinner table.

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A warm kitchen pantry dressed with red cloth.

Kitchen Essentials

Before you tie on your apron, charge into the kitchen, and begin whipping up amazing meals, you need to get back to the basics of cooking. Yes, any good chef worth his or her salt needs to first bone up on the tricks and tools that will make a kitchen smooth-running and ultra-operational. We suggest you start with these eight foundational courses...

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A basket of various uncooked mushrooms on a table.

All About Your Food

Most of us follow a boring, repetitive diet but that’s only because our eating regimen is limited by our knowledge and imagination. It’s time to broaden your horizons by sinking your teeth into a whole new world of tasty foods. This scrumptious series of courses delve into everything from meats and cheeses to fruits and vegetables. It’s proof that man should not live by bread alone.

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