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Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils

The Tools that you use are the topic here and they are numerous.  There are tools and gadgets for many different kitchen projects. Some gadgets are actually developed for the facilitation and or liking or disliking of a particular task or job.  An example of this would be the chopper, for chopping onions, there is a salad chopper, and an egg slicer.   What you see here are a number of common utensils.  I have enclosed a link to them through Amazon for your convenience.  We get a small % off the sale, but most importantly is that we want you to see and have access to the items that are most helpful in the kitchen.  The simpler your kitchen cooking is the less likely you will need to expand what you have for utensils .  If you are setting up a kitchen for the first time use this as a guide.  Small wares like utensils, pots and pans, and the majority of these items on this page are important.  Gadgets are not important, and if you are on a tight budget purchase small wares, pots and pans and some knives and a cutting board.

Later, as you can swing it, get Items like the food saver, a stand mixer, an immersion blender, a pizza stone and peel, attachments for your stand mixer.  You may not use them all the time, however you will find them helpful in saving time and money when you do want to cook with them.  This list is certainly not conclusive, there is a vast variety of products and kitchen solutions.  We are guiding you here but if you see or believe something different makes sense to you than you should do this.

Common utensils

spoons, spatula

You are seeing these because these are some of the items that I use.  Spoons and ladels, rolling pins and pastry brushes (or BBQ) the Food Saver is a great tool to prepare foods in advance and either freeze them or extend their life in refrigerator.  Toaster ovens are a must for the basic toast or to bake something small (Ex. breakfast sausage, chicken fingers) without heating up your oven.  BBQ tools are good to have, certainly for the gadget guy.  However nothing a kitchen spatula, tongue or fork can't take care of.  Kitchen Tongues are like fingers accept they don't feel the pain.

From left to right:

A. Slotted spoon

B. Not slotted spoon

C. Spaghetti or Pasta fork

D. Spatula

E. Wooden Spoon

F. Rolling Pin

G. Pastry Brush

Miscellaneous utensils

A. Kitchen tongues

B. Whip

C. Potato masher

D. Rubber spatula

E. Can opener, with bottle opener, and wedge opener

F. Garlic Press

G. Thermometer

H. Spoon

I. Measuring spoons

J. Scoop

K. Skimmer

L. Strainer

K. Pie Server


These utensils pictured above are important to helping you stay sane in the kitchen.  A thermometer is one of the most important things you can use in the kitchen.  The answer to the most common question have ever received is: How do you keep the meat so tender and juicy?  The answer is simple do not over cook the product, if you use a thermometer and cook the product until it is just cooked or finished you will have achieved a big part of your goal.

Here are utensils shown and listed that are important, measuring cups certainly are important.  A good whisk or a couple different styles and sizes.

Pots and Pans

Stainless Pots and Pans
Kitchen Utensils 1

From left to right:

A. 3 quart sauce pot

B. 1 1/2 quart sauce pot

C. 8 in. Open skillet

D. 8 quart stock pot

E. 6 in open skillet

F. Non Stick Skillets

Pots and pans are a huge necessity in the kitchen, if you cook you definitely need them.  It is important to choose a good set to get your value.   The first thing that is important for you to understand is that you don't need Teflon coated pans for anything but your omelette and saute pans.  Teflon or like coated material scratches upon abrasive contact with things like a metal spoon, utensil or scouring pad will all cut the surface damaging the surface permanently.  So when using Teflon coated pans; be cautious use plastic, wood, rubber utensils only.  You must be careful cleaning them as well, no scouring pads.

When purchasing pans by a couple of these Teflon pans for omelettes and sauteing items. Then buy all clad solid material  because of the forms of cooking being done, Teflon isn't necessary.

Mixing Bowl

To the right are some mixer items.

A. Stand  mixer

Usually you would start out with less expensive hand mixer and then get a stand mixer as your budget and desire for one persists

B. Hand mixer , for smaller mixes

c. Immersion Blender

D.  Blender

stand mixer

Stand Mixer

hand mixer

Red kitchen mixer.

immersion blender

Immersion Blender



A good set of kitchen knives for slicing. Kitchen utensils for cooks

To the Right are some common kitchen knives

From left to right:

A. French Knife

B. Carving knife - for roasts

C. Serrated Bread Knife

D. Boning Knife

E. Pairing Knife

The knife for you is the one you are using.  You do not need fancy outrageously expensive knives to cook with.  You need a sharp knife, which is primarily done through the type of metal that it is.  High carbon steel is the most important detail here.  If you use stainless steel knives, they don't hold the edge of the blade to keep sharp.  When shopping for a knife you will come to learn that the german brands, aka henckels, wusthofs are big names.  Germans are known for their quality of steel and these knives are just a couple of a series of makers of knives.  They are very good knives