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For many reading this adventurous guide, these places will be a stone's throw away for you, but for others who are longing to do a spot of traveling, here are the top 5 reasons to hop on a plane right now and hit these vacation spots. We soak in some of the most beautiful places in North America. So, pack your bags and let's go on an adventure.

Wailea Beach

Wailea Beach

#1.  Vacation Spot - Wailea, Hawaii

Wailea city is one of the best North American Island vacation spots that pampers the senses of visitors with beautiful sights, inviting weather, world-class food, and fresh ocean breezes. Situated close to the Ahihi-Kinau Natural Areas Reserve, it features no less than five pristine crescent-shaped beaches, a lazy river, and several stylish, luxury resorts. This oceanfront resort with stellar golf courses is situated in South Maui and spans 1,500 acres of staggering ocean views.

Makena Beach is one of the most breathtaking beaches in Maui and the most spectacular in all of Hawaii. Despite ongoing infrastructure that started in the 1980s, the Makena Beach area is still largely untouched compared to other parts of Hawaii. One of the best ways to explore the shoreline is by kayak tour. From La Perouse Bay, visitors have a chance of catching sight of the illusively beautiful spinner dolphins playing in the waves.

Ashland Oregon

Ashland Oregon

#2. Vacation Spot - Ashland, Oregon

Situated close to the Rogue River, Ashland appeals to outdoor enthusiasts and art lovers alike for its phenomenal Shakespeare Festival events hosting world-class theatre.

Visitors can take part in skiing, river rafting, and trail running or spend the day shopping in the excellent local boutiques. They can treat themselves to a magnificent meal at Tot with exotic dishes like smoked brisket and chilli sauce or asparagus dumpling soup and spend a relaxing evening with the Rogue Valley Symphony.

Ashland was originally established on the site of a Shasta Indian village as Ashland Mills, the saw and flour mills built by Abel Helman on Mill Creek (now Ashland Creek). Nestling at the base of the Cascade and Siskiyou mountain ranges, it is home to North Mountain Park, Ashland Creek Park and Garden, Lithia Park, and the Science Works Hands-on Museum, an interactive play, and education center.

Quebec City

Quebec City

#3. Vacation Spot-Quebec City

Quebec City, officially the capital city of the Province of Quebec in Canada, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world that beckons visitors with rich cultural features, historical sites, and captivating views.

The city of Quebéc combines the "couleur locale" of Europa with the familiarity of North America. It combines European influences the American West to create a unique experience. Renowned for its climate and great shopping, the city's attraction choices are equally impressive. On a walk along Dufferin Terrace visitors can gaze in awe at the Chateau Frontenac and gaze at historic battlefields.

Take a romantic stroll along the splendid Rue de la Colombie-Québec and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city's lively nightlife. While the restaurant is open all night, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the ambiance is laid back, giving the guest that one "couleur feel," and that's not something you'd get back home.

The pristine gardens in the lush park of Jardin Jeanne d'Arc offer a quiet haven to relax in and enjoy a peaceful moment. History and architecture buffs alike love to visit Place Royale, where the city was founded.

Well-known for its cobblestone streets in the Petit Champlain district lined with boutiques and bistros, and its European fortifications and architecture, Quebec is sometimes referred to as a piece of Europe in Canada. It is the only UNESCO city in North America and the only walled city north of the Rio Grande.

Cambria Californa

Cambria California

#4. Vacation Spot - Cambria, California

The idyllic little town of Cambria is situated amongst immense beauty on one of the most beautiful stretches of coastland in California. Watch the fascinating sea life from the Moonstone Beach Boardwalk or take a horseback ride through the mountains with a tour company. It is known for its indigenous moonstone that can still be found lying around on the beaches. Cambria often serves as a home base for travelers heading to Hearst Castle; however, it has plenty of charms of its own for visitors to explore. It is a perfect antidote to a world that has become a little too large and fast to handle. Top attractions include Moonstone Beach, the Piedras Blancas Light Station, the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, Shamel Park, and the 927 Beer Company.

After visiting Hearst Castle, take a detour about 10 minutes up the road to see the elephant seals. More than 18,000 seals call this beach home, and they can be found here throughout the year, foraging on a diet of squid, octopus, skates, and rays. One of the best times to visit is in January when the new pups are born.

On the way back to Cambria, make a stop at San Simeon Cove at William Randolph Hearst State Memorial Park. Once the Hearst family's private port, this is a great place to go kayaking along the Big Sur coast. While you're here, you can pop into the Coastal Discovery Center with the kids, then enjoy lunch at the historic Sebastian's General Store.

Spring Dael Utah

Spring Dale Utah

#5. Vacation Spot - Springdale, Utah

Visitors who love adventure in the beautiful outdoors are attracted to the magnificent landscapes of Utah. Springdale is the ideal place to stay to catch sight of the blushing hues of the sandstone cliffs in the Zion National Park. On the Canyon Overlook Trail, you can clearly view well-known landmarks, including Bridge Mountain, Pine Creek stream, the East Temple, and the Route9 switchbacks. Slightly shorter than the Canyon Overlook Trail, the Weeping Rock Trail offers a shady, leisurely stroll with surprisingly beautiful views.

An overnight stay at the Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens is one of the most stunning hotel experiences one can have. This utopian venue will change your expectations of what is possible in a hotel room, and the spectacular surrounding grounds are simply magical. The town is most popular for its southern Utah landscapes, friendly community, and village-like charm.