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The Chefs Resources

The Chefs Resources is a place for you to quickly pick up items that are recommended as great tools in the kitchen. This is also a place that will offer suggestions for books and resources to aid you in your culinary adventures. You are the chef, come join the chefs resources to quickly grab your assistants in the kitchen, tools that is, you will have to find your own helpers. For a limited time, we would like to give you a free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Menu Planning by our very own chef Michael Davis.

The cover of the Ultimate Guide to Menu Planning displayed on a tablet.

The Ultimate Guide To Menu Planning

The Chefs Thermometers and Wand Blenders

This is fun for me, while there are so many gadgets out there on the market, I really don't use many of them. There are some great tools that I find helpful resources in getting the best outcomes in the kitchen. Above here are 3 of them. To the left is an immersion blender that is helpful in making vinaigrettes, sauces, and pureed soups. A must in the kitchen for scratch cooking. 

The next is a probe thermometer, helpful when cooking a roast or large piece of meat in the oven that you only want to take to a certain temperature. You set the temperature to your desire. Then an alarm goes off when you reach. Amazingly helpful Chefs Resource to get the desired outcome on your roasts. The final here is a digital thermometer, this is key to foods that are not over cooked or under cooked.  

The  Chefs Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum Sealer is a great resource when you want to prepare foods ahead or purchase in bulk and preserve in your freezer. In days past, microwaveable meals were prepared for service this way. This is a great way to have meals ready to go. You can package a meal in your sealer, seal it, refrigerate for a few days (extends the life in refrigerator slightly) or freeze for later use. 

When you are in a hurry this is a great way to feed wholesome food to your family. You do need to plan to build these meals or for shopping for opportunity then package for freezing or sharing.

The Chefs Knife Sharpening

A Sharp knife is an ally to the chef. A sharp knife is actually safer to use than a dull knife. A sharp knife can cut you easily ,so use it wisely; a dull knife can't cut easily so it works harder slides off and this can put you in a place that you get cut. See our kitchen essentials course for knife handling skills. These tools listed above are all great resources keep your knife sharp.  

The Chefs Mixers and Attachments

In my home, years ago, I was given a kitchen aid mixer and many attachments. I can tell you it is such a great tool. To be able to mix with a shield, either dough or cakes, cookies etc. Then to be also able to make sausage or fresh fettucine or lasagna noodles. What a great aid in the kitchen. Here is a kitchen aid and several attachments for you. A must in every kitchen, many commercial kitchens use these for smaller usage. 

Other Chefs Resources

A food processor is a tool that allows you to blend, chop and puree in some fashions that make it easier to do your cooking methods. Another must is music, I utilize blue tooth in my kitchens. These scales, 1 of 5 lbs. and the other 11 lb. capacity are great for portioning, measuring, and baking.  Music is great to lesson the stresses of the the day. Cooking in the Kitchen is fun, I hope you can utilize these items in your kitchen as well.