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We Love Food – Part 2

We love food, it is all that we eat. We have taken our freedom and our love of food to an abusive level that can end in the depreciation of our health. In some cases, our food is killing us. In fact, we love food so much that we eat it without realizing the consequences. In […]

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Something More Than a Salad

It is hard not to love a good salad, a bed of greens with some roasted vegetables, maybe some meats hot or cold, add a compliment of cheese and some nice kalamata olives. All of this is veiled by a delicious dressing, maybe Italian, or balsamic. Have a nice slice of homemade ciabatta. Wow, hard […]

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St. Patricks Day – Erin Go Bragh

Erin Go Bragh (Braugh), (Eirinn go Brach in Irish language) is the saying that you might hear often around St. Patricks day. In Ireland it is likely you will hear it more frequently. Yes, this common saying is the allegiance cry for the Irish, “Ireland Forever and its people”. A Celebrated chant from the Irish […]

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Top-o-the Morning – Recipes

As with so many a tradition, there are warm thoughts of these dishes.  I grew to enjoy Soda Bread, a cross between a  scone and a biscuit is how I would describe it.  I enjoy the bread, buttered and grilled, slightly toasted and warm.  A hint of raisin break the crumb and the dry texture […]

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