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Appreciation after surviving the 1st Thanksgiving in a New World

Thanksgiving and Some History The Pilgrims first arrived in the Massachusetts area In November of 1620.  They came ashore after 66 days at sea in November 1620.  They fled England to pursue their religious beliefs and settle in a new world.wild turkey They didn’t, however, check in to the holiday inn or any hotels.  They came ashore […]

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Grilling Recipe Blog

Grilling and Broiling are two similar procedures where both items being cooked are exposed to high intense heat. In the case of broiling the heat is from above, where in grilling the heat comes from below. These processes are considered a better nutritional source than frying or sauteing. The process can be done with little to […]

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Memorial Day Weekend

There is no greater love than this when one lays down his life for another. It is hard to refute the fact that if someone puts their life in harm’s way on your behalf that it would be tough to show a greater act of affection than this. Memorial Day is just this, the reflection […]

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