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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year  To an outsider the Chinese New Years is a day on the calendar that we think of where many places offer specials to celebrate the great country of Chinas culture.  Chinese New Years is so much deeper than our New Years Celebration.  While theirs and ours begins in a similar fashion with the […]

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5 Fabulous Teas

Introduction into the world of TeaBy Martin MurmelMartin MurmelIntroduction into the world of TeaWhat is Tea?Most of us appreciate a wholesome and vitalizing cup of tea. What is tea, and where does it come from? This article is only about real tea, not herbal or fruit infusions from other plants (like peppermint or hibiscus). All tea comes from […]

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Cookie Monster

Cookie Monsterby Martin MurmelMartin MurmelBaking CookiesIntroductionWhat was invented centuries ago, derives its name from the Dutch language, has its own, dedicated container and a hairy monster? It is the cookie, of course. Outside North America, all crisp cookies are called biscuits. Only a particular type of round bake is called a cookie (chocolate chip, for instance). In the […]

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The Sensational Valentines Day

The Sensational Valentine’s DayBy Patricia WilliamsonPatricia WilliamsonThe Sensational Valentine’s DayLife is a complicated enigma. Everyone, be it scientists, the religious folk, atheists, pagans, you name it, are all trying to figure out what life’s purpose is. Why live for 50 years just to die? 80 perhaps? Even 20 years is such a long time! The […]

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Huck Family Maple

Huck Family Maple     Established February 2018Huck MapleAs a kid growing up, watching my grandparents and others harvesting maple sap from the trees always sparked an interest in me how maple syrup was made. They would start tapping the maple trees by  the end of January beginning of February. After tapping the trees, the sap would […]

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