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Raising a Child with Great Eating Habits

By Veronica Wallace Teaching ChildrenWhat are your kid’s favorite foods? If you ask them, they might tell you that they love pop, candy, and potato chips. But you know that these treats aren’t nutritious. Children are picky eaters – how do you encourage them to eat healthily? Setting up these habits early will prepare them […]

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4 Simple Steps to a Strong Core

Central is corejust as the core of an apple contains the seeds and the infrastructure of the apple.  It contains the seeds and structure that give the growth support and foundation for the life cycle of the delicious fruit.Our coreis just this, the structure, support and stabilizing part of our body that aids in protecting […]

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Grilling & Broiling

Grilling and Broiling are two similar procedures where both items being cooked are exposed to high intense heat. In the case of broiling the heat is from above, where in grilling the heat comes from below. These processes are considered a better nutritional source than frying or sauteing. The process can be done with little to […]

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