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Workout 102- Starting Fresh

Developing a balanced Sustainable WorkoutJim Williams is at it again.  He guides us in a deep video packed with knowledge and understanding of how to develop a workout.  This begins with the understanding that you have been cleared by your physician to exercise. Key Features of developing a workoutCore Work Out What it isAerobic Muscle TrainingUnderstanding a […]

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Trusting in a Pandemic

Welcome Steve Orr to the Coaches CornerBorn and raised in West Kentucky, Steve Orr spent his first two decades surrounded by rolling hills, green grass, and rolling rivers. He graduated from public schools and the Paducah Community College (a local two-year campus of the University of Kentucky). Two pillars of his life were formed in […]

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BBQ and Smoking

Introduction:Smoking and BBQ has turned into somewhat of a regional cultural thing.  While smoked foods are eaten all over the country, in the Eastern United States from Texas to Carolina smoking/BBQ is a “Thing.”This “Thing” is a culture that has begun, LOW and SLOW, (Low heat/ slow cook with smoke). It doesn’t end Hot Smoked Salmonthere […]

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