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Grilling & Broiling

Grilling and Broiling are two similar procedures where both items being cooked are exposed to high intense heat. In the case of broiling the heat is from above, where in grilling the heat comes from below. These processes are considered a better nutritional source than frying or sauteing. The process can be done with little to […]

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BBQ and Smoking

Introduction:Smoking and BBQ has turned into somewhat of a regional cultural thing.  While smoked foods are eaten all over the country, in the Eastern United States from Texas to Carolina smoking/BBQ is a “Thing.”This “Thing” is a culture that has begun, LOW and SLOW, (Low heat/ slow cook with smoke). It doesn’t end Hot Smoked Salmonthere […]

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Bread Making 101 with Brian

Newly Appointed ACFEFAC American Culinary Federation Education Accrediting Commission as the Secondary Chair for the country. Brian is a Certified Executive Pastry Instructor at Lebanon County Career and Technology Center, and until 2018 worked at Hershey Hotel & Resorts as well.  Brian is a leader in the area of Culinary Education.   Brian is an Approved Evaluator for Trade […]

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