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Sensational Valentine's Day

By Patricia Williamson

Patricia Williamson

Patricia Williamson

The Sensational Valentine's Day

Life is a complicated enigma. Everyone, be it scientists, the religious folk, atheists, pagans, you name it, are all trying to figure out what life’s purpose is. Why live for 50 years just to die? 80 perhaps? Even 20 years is such a long time! The answer is really simple: love. All doctrines and masses of the worlds have come to this one conclusion, the meaning of life is simply love, both to give it and receive it. They say that you are no one until someone loves you. In this matter, we totally agree. This why Valentine’s day is the ultimate holiday! A day to shower your loved ones with endless sweetness, gifts, laughter…anything that screams I love you!

But how did this magnificent day of love come to be? Different stories exist; it's up to you to decide which one leaves the strongest impression. The Christians believe that February fourteenth was named a holiday after the death of a famous saint, St. Valentine. He was a priest from Rome who defies the orders of an emperor to save love birds who wanted to marry each other. At the time, 3rd century AD, Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage, seeing it as a distraction to soldiers, preventing them from being their best selves in battle. Valentine thought this cruel and behind the emperor's back, authenticated marriages in secret. When the emperor found out, the saint was sentenced to death on the 14th of February. He wrote a letter proclaiming his love to the jailor daughter, after which he signed, from your Valentine.

The Catholic church also speaks of yet another St. Valentine who signed another letter in jail to the jailor's daughter too. This one had been arrested for attempting to set free Christian prisoners, who had been unjustly imprisoned under the harsh Roma rule. Finally, Pagans had a celebration known as Lupercalia, a holiday to celebrate fertility, dedicated to the Roman god of agriculture. This was celebrated on the 14th of February, and it’s said that the Christian church adopted this day to name St. Valentines.

Diverse views and opinions, but really, the story is the same. It is a holiday of good things: compassion, love, fertility, romance, plenty of yields, and success. Though its history is murky, it has come to be a day to celebrate romance, heroism, and sacrifice for others. Today it has even evolved further than just romantic love, to be a day to show the fundamental propose of human life, Love unto all creation.

All across the globe, 14th February is a wellspring of love in its different forms. It's a day to nourish what one feels in their heart, as well as experience what it means to be loved. Robert Frost once said that "Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired." This said, there are different ways to express desire, romance, and any other form of affection to another. Here are the top reasons why Valentine's is the ultimate holiday:

A Chance to Celebrate Undisclosed Passion

Hard as it may be to believe, numerous people around the world are unable to express their emotions, more so passion. Waking up and simply texting a person you have emotion for ‘Hey, seeing your smile every day makes every morning worthwhile.’, may actually be harder than most people think. Valentine’s day gives us the opportunity to express this in actions without having to say much. Just placing a rose on that co-worker’s desk, or the girl at the coffee shop and saying it’s from you, kindles something so deep even with the lack of words. How amazing!

Our Need to Fill Loved Is Fulfilled

Whether we are single or not, there are times when we just need that extra smile, touch of affection, or card reminding us that someone cares for us. Valentine's day is a sure day to feel loved. This constant need is simply part of the way nature made us, and no one can escape it. Even the very macho guy enjoys being told they're treasured on Valentine's day.

Spending Time with Those We Love

Despite not being a governmentally recognized holiday, everywhere restaurant, street, TV commercial recognizes the day. This makes it so special, from décor to the delicacies and romantic endearments. It, therefore, makes the few off-work hours special. Thank God Valentine's is a legit holiday despite the government failing to give us an off day. We can express, therefore, spend our precious time with family members and friends, other than our better halves. Couples spend this day together, either dinner, a walk to the park, simple, quiet time with a special homemade meal. Spending time with those who matter is incomparable.


We all succumb to anything valuable given to us free of charge. Whether you're a millionaire or not, receiving an unexpected gift, whether it's a box of chocolate, teddy bear, flowers, cards, or a piece of jewelry, it makes us all soppy. This a day to rekindle an old love or simply say I love you with candy, lingerie, champagne, or some flowers.

Indulging in The Fine Tastes of Life

On this day, most couples will go out of their way to buy something beyond their budget to show how much they care for the other. They do so with joy, willing to risk it all to express how strong their affection is. They can buy lavish gifts like expensive jewelry or indulge in an expensive night at a luxury hotel, something they wouldn't normally do. Another popular thing to do is go away on a short trip just to indulge and spend some quality time.

Whether it's visiting an orphaned animal, adopting one, getting married, having a movie night with kids, one thing is certain, we all enjoy loving and feeling loved, and on this special day, we feel it to the maximum. Even the lonely people who may be single find fulfillment in simply spreading some love and kindness to another. A chance to all feels connected and feel like we matter, Valentine’s day is the unsurpassed holiday!

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