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4 Powerful Steps to Fitness

What is the most common excuse for not exercising? According to the survey, “No Time!” As said by Clinical psychologist Lavinia Rodriguez, “Typically, it is the lack of enjoyment, motivation, negative associations, fear, or maybe low-self-esteem.”  It is intimidating and challenging to get back into a workout routine when you have taken time off. The […]

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4 Simple Steps to a Strong Core

Central is corejust as the core of an apple contains the seeds and the infrastructure of the apple.  It contains the seeds and structure that give the growth support and foundation for the life cycle of the delicious fruit.Our coreis just this, the structure, support and stabilizing part of our body that aids in protecting […]

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Workout 102- Starting Fresh

Developing a balanced Sustainable WorkoutJim Williams is at it again.  He guides us in a deep video packed with knowledge and understanding of how to develop a workout.  This begins with the understanding that you have been cleared by your physician to exercise. Key Features of developing a workoutCore Work Out What it isAerobic Muscle TrainingUnderstanding a […]

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Don’t just sit there get active

Introduction to an Exercise Philosophy, get activefacebook@ visiondrivenstrengthJim Williams: NASM Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Specialist, Bio Force Certified Conditioning CoachJune Release:​How to prepare your routine​Active is the opposite of sedentary, stationary moving to active in your efforts to stay in shape can be an overwhelming thought.  However you have made the decision to do so.  Jim […]

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