the chefs diet is a guide to aid you in the journey of life

The Chefs Diet

The Chefs Diet is a guide for those who struggle for various reasons with nutrition.  The Chefs Diet is meant to aid you in walking through some of the aspects in your life that lead to choices that aren't ideal choices for best health practices.  The Chefs Diet takes you on a journey of pleasant things about food that you enjoy and aims to guide you to better health.  The Chefs Diet helps to encourage you to see your worth and the important and vital steps to better health.

For the Love of Food

I love food and have been cooking professionally for more than 30 years.  I enjoy good food that is done correctly.  I grew up probably different than most, loving vegetables.  As a child, I had dysfunction in my kidneys that they said I should eat more vegetables.  Either my mother chose to teach me that, or I naturally grew to like them, I have always enjoyed vegetables. Before you write me off as that guy that you can’t relate, don’t.

As an adult, I have been exposed to the joy and satisfaction of so many other foods.  Steak and Cheese, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings all things indulgent.  Keep in mind as a chef you are around and exposed to things all the time.   I have described it as working in a smorgasbord, anything you want whenever you want it. The phrase like a kid in a candy store does apply and probably closer to the belt for most of us then we would admit.  Eating what you want when you want it.

While this is all good, we get enjoyment and satisfaction from food.  In the chefs diet, we enjoy the satisfaction of eating whatever it is that we choose, or that is the goal.  Whether that is deep fried pizza that we select or Caesar Salad.  We enjoy food, that is part of the beauty of food.  We should enjoy these food it is meant for our enjoyment.  The problem lies there, we enjoy it and then we overindulge or abuse it so that it can becomes unhealthy for us.

Chef Food Stories

A Musical Journey

I have to say chefs often have experiences that most people don’t.  On one occasion I was working out at Tangle wood, the summer home of the Boston Pops.  I remember working at an after-hours party where we had a huge spread under a tent in the summer with hundreds of patrons.  I was checking on one of the stations under the tent and proceeded my journey to one of the kitchen areas of the tent.

I walked quickly, as chefs with urgency do, from the station to the destination.  Shortly after leaving the station I heard a huge round of applause.  My chest swelled and I rose 10 feet from the ground high above everything.  I raised my head and felt like no other had ever felt welcomed before.  The crowd stood to its feet and applauded, in my heart I thought, wow, finally I am being recognized for my worth.  While this worth may have been more heavenly then realistically, I was there.  Then to my right about 8 feet away was Seiji Ozawa, the then famous conductor of the Boston Symphony.  Quickly I came back to earth but it was so real for a brief moment, as I continued to my destination.

Our Destination

The Result of our journey will lead us to a place that results in something more.  We aim for better health, improved energy, weight loss, healthful habits, fellowship with others with similar goals. You will also be equipped with more resources that leaves you better prepared.  With success comes rewards and the whole idea of better preparation which leads to better habits will conversely lead to more energy.  Typically, you should see a drop in your blood pressure, even if it is slight, and a loss in your weight.

You will feel better about yourself, beyond that you will have more energy because your body will be functioning better. Some of these go hand in hand, you eat better, you feel better which gives you more energy.  As your health improves because you have taken better care you will see other results like me.

Nutrition – Simply put nutrition is the results of our bodies breaking down the foods we eat and utilizing the vitamins, minerals water to supply our organs, cells, blood with the appropriate fuels to support life, generate growth and coordinate healing.  Our bodies also have to deal with the items that are extra, calories and fat which if excessive go into storage in our body.  This storage is fat.  Excessive fat can lead to heart disease and prevent our bodies from operating at optimum proficiency. 

With a definition like this, I wonder sometimes how I am alive.  I mean there has been much gluttony in my life.  It is actually amazing that the body doesn't just shut down some times. When I say this I can tell you that as delicious as hot dogs, cheeseburgers, steak and cheese, French fries, onion rings, milkshakes, chips, pasta, lobster salad, etc. are, there aren't a lot of nutrients in them.  How many of us eat like this regularly, seldom putting into our bodies, fruits, vegetables, salad?

Michael Davis