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Kate Morgan

I am thrilled to share with you this up and coming artist.  Kate Morgan of Douglass Massachusetts has taken to the canvas and shared the beauty of expression in her creativity.  Kates work is available for sale through art shows and sales.  You can also visit her works at Kate Morgan Arts

Kate Morgans art touches the heart.  Her work began as therapy, and is evolving into therapy for others.  Her art touches the soul and shows love, pain, hope and beauty.  I am privileged to have spent many months with Kate in my youth.  There was a time we shared laugh, love and tears. Kate is my cousin.  Enjoy these works and visit her site. katemorgan.arts share some art with someone you love and care for this season of joy.  Below is an introduction to Kate by Kate.  Thank-You Kate.

Kate Morgan 

In 2011 I went to an art therapy group for women with PTSD. Several art mediums were set in front of us and we were asked to express an emotion. I grabbed some pastels and for the first time I expressed myself through art. It was and is the best medicine that I have found.

I am a mixed media artist living in Douglas Massachusetts. I work from a studio in my home. I am bound to no medium, but I gravitate towards collage and acrylics in most of my pieces. My work is self-therapeutic and expressionistic at its core. My subject matter is women’s figurative and portrait painting. My current work is primarily figurative collage. They represent what I dream that things should be and outlet emotional themes that  I seem to be always working through. Faith in the Divine and the unseen is a continual thread for all my inspiration. I am passionate about finding light in the darkness and I hope that peeks through in my art.

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Royal Refuge

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