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Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day

There is no greater love than this when one lays down his life for another. It is hard to refute the fact that if someone puts their life in harm's way on your behalf that it would be tough to show a greater act of affection than this. Memorial Day is just this, the reflection and honoring of those who have laid down their lives in an act to represent our nation.

The act of taking up the cause of our country, defending freedom and sacrificing their lives on our behalf is what we celebrate Memorial Day for.

Our freedom is part of the cause of our great nation. “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is a phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence. The defense that men are created equal and that they should be protected from persecution of government that many nations, at times, have inflicted on their people.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

This idea gives way that the people may protect themselves, which is where the right to bear arms comes in. This right was never meant to vindictively harm one another but allow the people to hold the government in check with the ability to stand up if needed, as well as defend ourselves. It is really a brilliant design that lends accountability to our system.

Liberty gives way to freedoms such as speech, assembly and religion. This too offers the people a voice to share opinions, disagreement and protest without the fear of persecution. Another balance offered to share views and opinions, that may be contrary to what the government offers.

The pursuit of happiness is at the core of it all. Our culture has misconstrued the idea that our happiness is made up of things, activities and/or actions that please us. None of these are inherently wrong. We certainly can have things, do fun activities or take joy in our actions. The original pursuit of happiness was at the core.

The original pursuit of happiness was meant to gain satisfaction through our life’s purpose and contributions. Our true happiness would be in giving and sharing of ourselves and our gifts and talents. Worship of God for many and the sharing of the depths of what is at the core of our personal drive.

This has become the opposite, self-gratification through buying stuff and garnering wealth. Not that having things is wrong, but when the primary objective is that, it won’t bring happiness. Grandstanding position or stature will also not bring longstanding happiness, however this has also become prevalent.

This Memorial Day remember that our culture has crept into a keeping up with the Jones mentality in both wealth and power. This isn’t what the pursuit of happiness was intended to be.

Today you have the freedom to choose the direction and path that you choose. Your freedom is because of the many that have garnered a military uniform. Your freedom is because many have gone and fought so we can stand for something. Your freedom was paid at the price of many soldiers lives.

Today when you attend an athletic event or see a veteran. Stand for the National Anthem, not because our country is perfect, but because you are able to because of the many who died and fought for our freedom. Thank a veteran for their service.

This Memorial Day, remember those who represent and represented our country by putting their lives on the line. The many who died to stand for yours and my freedom. They gave their lives so that we can worship our God, or not. You can make a public declaration, or not. You can own a weapon to protect yourself, or not. You can study the subjects of your choice, or not. You can work at the career of your choice, or work for someone you choose.

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. This is from the Bible in John chapter 15 verse 13 where Jesus is speaking to how we should love each other. He equates this to when He will give his life for us, as his great love for us. Those who have given their lives have done just this for us. While their sacrifice doesn’t carry the weight of the name of Jesus who died to pay the penalty for all of our sins. Their sacrifice was selfless in pursuit of the calling they had, to serve our nation.

Thank you, veterans and families, of those who have served and or died to allow us the freedoms we do have. May God Bless America

Michael Davis