Cinco de mayo forces caused the French military to retreat

Cinco De Mayo, Unforgettable

Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is celebrated as a holiday that derived in Mexico. It was the result of a conflict around many years of borrowing money, and on at least one occasion it wasn't able to be repaid. In 1861 they were forced to default on some loans from the European countries of Britain, France, and Spain. When this happened, as you can imagine, these countries were not pleased with this news. Cinco De Mayo came as the direct result of when they defaulted on the loan.

All three countries sent Naval ships to prepare for battle. While Spain and Britain negotiated their case with Mexico, they left peacefully. France was going to take the opportunity to stake a claim on the lands of Mexico. As a proud nation, France would not have this act of disrespect allowed to be viewed in the eyes of the world, and would take a piece in return.  This is what they thought anyway.

Salsa Verde
This unique dish made from roasted tomatillos, lime, cilantro, jalapenos with a touch of garlic and onion is fresh and a great compliment to burritos and chimichangas and similar dishes looking for fresh salsa.
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salsa verde

Cinco De Mayo is Born

On May 5th, 1862 in a one-day battle, an undermanned ragtag group of Mexican Militia set up a base with heavy artillery. General Zaposa's proceeded to lead an assault that caused the French military to retreat. Casualties were high, and for the French, 5 were killed to every 1 Mexican. Thus, the birth of Cinco De Mayo, a liberation in a way. A stance of fortitude and defeating one of the great powers of the day.

Cinco De Mayo, in Mexico, was a more locally celebrated occasion around General Zaposa's and his unlikely victory in Puebla. However, over time, it has become a great celebration of the country, celebrated in areas throughout the world and particularly here in North America.

In the US it is celebrated as a tribute to Mexican culture and heritage. Very similar to St. Patrick's Day for the Irish. This may have been a key influence in the rising popularity of this great south western food flair here in the US.

Beef Chimichanga
The chimichanga is the crispy deep fried (or pan-fried) version of the burrito.  A tortilla with beans either refried or whole a selection of meat, cheese and could have rice then wrapped and fried. Often accompanied by sauces, such as tomatillo, queso, or salsa 
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Delicious crispy beef chimichanga.

Cinco De Mayo on the Table

Here we will dive into a few great dishes or accompaniments. The creamy spicy queso and freshness of salsa Verde, crispy beef chimichanga and savory or fiery guacamole, along with Mexican rice.

The possibilities are endless, so dig in order a Margarita corona or limeade. Grab a fork and get ready for some food. There is a huge and growing popularity of Mexican or southwestern Foods.  There are some distinct notables that are worthy of mentioning.

Cinco De Mayo Foods

Here we have included a recipe for Beef Chimichangas. A Chimichanga can be made of chicken, beef or even pork or vegetarian. Beef and Chicken are probably the 2 most consumed options.

The chimichanga was said to have accidentally been created by dropping a burrito into a deep fryer. Chimichanga actually is like a slang word for unintentional results.

Rice is a staple that is consumed in most parts of the world in some fashion, it is filling and flexible to cook with. It is mild in flavor and works well being able to take on many flavors that you may choose to incorporate in it. Mexican rice here is one of those varieties.

Mexican Rice
This Mexican rice dish is a great compliment to many southwest style meals.  A long grain converted rice that is cooked with tomato, garlic, cilantro, lime, and onion.
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mexican rice

Guacamole and avocados have become one of the foods given the title, "Super food". A super food is one that is considered nutrient dense and highly beneficial for health. These factors are the additional benefit to being extremely satisfying.

Packed with rich flavor, versatile enough to be made into a spread or paste like guacamole, or they can be sliced and added to sandwiches and salads. The avocado native to Mexico and South America may be reason alone to celebrate Cinco de mayo.

Guacamole is a naturally rich spread or condiment that is coveted for its nutritional content, and its great flavor.  This can be used sliced as an addition to a sandwich or salad or as a spread or dip used as a condiment for South American and Central American dishes.
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guacamole superfood

Queso is yet another delicious southwestern addition to our menus. The creamy yet subtly spicy sauce compliments burritos, chimichangas and many other Tex Mex foods. This surname has been attributed to these types of foods, Tex Mex is the general category associated with these foods.

Tex Mex has derived through the combination of authentic Mexican foods as well as the affiliation and close proximity to the border of Mexico. Texas and the overall southwest region of the United States have influenced these foods and menu options.

The creamy spicy cheese sauce that works for southwestern style dishes like burritos, chimichangas, and tortilla chips
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Delicious crispy beef chimichanga.
The creamy spicy cheese sauce that works for southwestern style dishes like burritos, chimichangas, and tortilla chips
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Delicious crispy beef chimichanga.

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