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It is on Hot days when you feel lazy in the summer and look for refreshment from an iced cold beverage.  Here we will dive into some cool refreshing options to quench, not only your thirst, but your desire for something different in a beverage that is wholesome.
iced drinks

Iced Cold Beverages

The sun shares a refreshing breath of warmth in contrast to the chill of the winter months.  Our activity level increases with outdoor events as the weather reflects the season.  As the months heat up it creates a desire in hot summer days for cold beverages.

In the hot summer months, it doesn't take much activity to crave some iced cold beverages. It is here the sizzling summer, as you might say.  When the blistering heat of the summer abounds, there is the enduring feeling to want a refreshing thirst quencher.  

There was a memorable marketing plan for an iced tea when I was a child. Someone would be standing with the sun pouring down bright rays on them, they would reach up and pull a cold iced tea to their lips and commence drinking it.  This was always followed by the person falling backward into a refreshing cool pool and submerging in the depths of the clear blue waters.

nestea plunge

nestea plunge

The iced tea 

was Nestea, and the action of falling into the pool was repeated across the nation in swimming holes and ponds.  The action was named, the Nestea Plunge.  If you were to ask those of my generation about this, they would know of this culture known as the Nestea Plunge.

Whether you enjoy this drink or not it gave you the picture of exactly what you want out of a iced cold beverage.  A satisfying refreshment that you would be cooled instantly by enjoying it as it replenishes your fluids.

Our bodies are made up of approximately 65% water.  It is no wonder that in the sizzling heat of the summer that we crave beverages.  This high percentage is why stores dedicate so much space to drinks of different kinds.

Take a look when you go in next time to any convenient store or gas station. Beverages fill the coolers along the perimeter of the walls of the store.  Why, because 

Let’s look for a moment at some of the different beverages.  Water, with different flavors.  Some carbonated and some not.  Waters can be fortified with vitamins and caffeine.  Aids, or drinks that provide some essentials used by your body during activity.  So, these are just waters, then there are sodas, energy drinks, coffee beverages, iced teas of a number of flavors. 

There is no shortage of options and variety.  Here I will focus on infused waters and teas.  These are both good options.  The truest beverage on earth, water is infused with natural fruits, herbs and teas.  All natural, no sugars added.  These are worth the look for natural options as well as homemade varietals of lemonades.  Raspberry, Strawberry, and Limeade.

Spa water is essentially water with either fruits, vegetables or a combination of the two.  Sometimes Spa water contains salt, however it isn't necessary.

Here are a list of some different spa waters you can use.  The recipes aren't specific in amounts.  Stronger flavors use less to achieve the flavor you like or adjust it with more or less depending on your liking.

You can use the fruits and vegetables that you have at your resources.  It is important to remember if you use a fruit of vegetable whole it will take longer to extract any flavor from the item.   The skin acts as a barrier protecting it from the water permeating it and juices entering into your water.

Beverages Infused Waters:

  •   Raspberry, Lime
  •   Strawberry, lemon, mint
  •   Apricot, raspberry, mint
  •   Orange, lime
  •   Strawberry pineapple
  •   Cucumber, lemon, celery
  •   Apple, cinnamon, pear
  •   Kiwi Orange,
  •   Watermelon, Strawberry
  •   Lemon, mint, ginger, cucumber
  •   Apple, orange, cinnamon, clove
  •   Orange, Blueberry, Mint
  •   Grapefruit, Rosemary
  •   Cucumber, thyme, lime
  •   Strawberry lime
  •   Lemon, ginger
  •   Cranberry Orange
  •   Lemon, raspberry Mint
  •    Cucumber, lemon
  •   Apple, Mint, Lime
  •   Strawberry, Cucumber, Mint
  •    Mint, Cucumber, Mint

Iced Cold Lemonade


  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Watermelon Lemonade
  • Peach Mint Lemonade


  • Ginger/kafir lime/
  • Lemon grass/ kafir lime, ginger

Spa (Infused)Water

So it is important to note that natural flavors are imparted in infused waters. That is that the extraction through osmosis or natural relation of the water mixing with the fruits and vegetables that results in the water being flavored by the fruits and vegetables.


Naturally ades are juices that are from concentrate or extracted from fruits, usually, they are blended with some sweetener.  The sweeteners  which could be artificial if you are looking to save calories.  However naturally would be best if it was honey, or simple syrup which is easy to make.

 In this we will use simple syrup which is simply stated: 50% Sugar and 50% water simmered for 15 minutes.

Lemonade: Yields 1 quart of lemonade use 2 oz. of lemon juice (juice of 2 lemons) 8 oz. of simple syrup or 4 oz. of honey.  Fill the remaining 22 oz with ice cold water.

Raspberry lemonade: Yields 64 oz. of raspberry lemonade, 1.5 cups of raspberry s or blackberry s, cook, simmer in saucepan with 1 cup water for 3 minutes.  Remove from heat blend in blender or with an immersion blender.  Cool, combine with 3 oz. lemon juice 1 pint simple syrup or 1 cup honey.  Add 29 oz of ice cold water.

Watermelon Lemonade:Yields 1 quart of lemonade use 1.5 oz. of lemon juice (juice of 2 lemons), 8 oz of blended watermelon, 8 oz. of simple syrup or 4 oz. of honey.  Fill the remaining 14 oz. with ice cold water.

Peach Mint Lemonade:Yields 1 quart of lemonade use 1.5 oz. of lemon juice (juice of 2 lemons), 8 oz of blended ripe peach, 8 oz. of simple syrup or 4 oz. of honey.  Fill the remaining 14 oz. with ice cold water, 1 Tablespoon of mint leaves, whole.

Variations: Add lime juice in place of lemon juice.